The Purpose of the Quiet Time – Part 1

What is the purpose of having a quiet time? Many young people start questioning why things are done in their teen years. Many in authority get upset when this happens instead of directing their questions into a meaningful discussion of Biblical authority. The establishment of Biblical authority will cause the young person to become daily dependent on the principles of Scripture. It is important to establish their foundation on the Word of God as they learn to reason and make their own decisions.

Fellowship with the Savior

A consistent quiet time is so important to develop fellowship with our Savior. This is one of the basic purposes of the quiet time. God desires this communion even more than we do. The Father also desires our daily worship. There can be no fellowship without a relationship. This may sound silly to put into writing. However, many folks that say that they love the Lord and would never try to openly disobey the Lord; yet they do not work at developing a relationship with Him. They never know what God is leading them to do, because they never talk to the Lord and go to His Word daily for leading in their life. It is important that we work at a relationship with the Lord. The two items for building an intimate relationship that have been given to us are prayer and Bible reading. If we neglect these two aspects, then we will never have the fellowship that God desires us to have with Him.

Strength for the Day

A second purpose for the quiet time is to gain strength for the day. The Christian life is a battle against sin, the world, and the devil. Ephesians 6:12 says that “We wrestle . . . against spiritual wickedness in high places.” It is vital that we gain strength to face these foes in our daily battles. The great example that is available to us is in the physical realm. There are those that can be extreme in their physical fitness habits, and most would testify that some regular physical activity prepares one for the rigors of daily life. A soldier that is going into battle goes through much physical testing and training. The soldier is preparing his body to endure the hardships of warfare. As a Christian, we face warfare continually from the devil and his demons. It is important that we garner strength to counter the enemies’ attacks. This can only be accomplished with a consistent, daily quiet time of Bible reading and prayer.

Growth for the Believer

The quiet time affords an opportunity for systematic Bible study and prayer. This will help the believer to grow spiritually over time. Maturation is not achieved overnight. Let’s consider an agricultural example. What can a gardener expect in regard to the plant’s maturity after planting seed in his garden? The gardener knows that the plant will only grow if there is consistent sunshine, watering, and weeding for the plant to mature. Notice that there is input into the plant in order for the plant to grow properly. The same is true for the believer. There will not be proper growth in a believer’s life without the input of having a quiet time.


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